We offer a 4 week international MSc level course on Malting and brewing technology. The objective of this course is to provide a theory basis and to update your knowledge of malting and brewing technology, provide you with up to date information about the state of the important processing steps and improve your skills in designing and trouble-shooting malting and brewing processes. The course (in English) covers the whole field of malting and brewing and includes several pratical sessions (including brewing your own beer in our 5 hl. pilot brewery). As a student you will:

  • get a clear view on the total malting and brewing process,
  • learn knows the most important properties (biological/physiological/(bio)chemical/technological) of barley, malt, water, hops, and yeast as raw materials in brewing and will be capable to evaluate their quality,
  • understand the technological questions in respect of steeping, germination and kilning, respectively, and modern industrial practice of malting,
  • gain insight in the relation between the malting process and the final malt quality,
  • know the main properties of the different malt types and other raw materials (adjuncts) used in beer preparation,
  • gain theoretical and practical insight in the whole brewing process (milling of malt, mashing, wort filtration, wort boiling, wort clarification, wort cooling),
  • gain theoretical and practical insight in the biochemistry of fermentation, yeast propagation, fermentation technology, lagering, beer clarification, stabilisation, and packaging,
  • understand the connection between the malting and brewing process and malting/brewing in relation to the final beer quality,
  • gain insight in conceptual engineering in malting, brewing, and fermentation, aiming at enhanced flavour quality/stability and total cost reduction in combination with clean label technology,
  • learn to evaluate analytically the raw materials used in beer preparation (malt, hops, yeast),
  • gain practical experience in pilot brewing and will be capable to evaluate the different steps of the brewing process: wort production (including determination of brewhouse yield), yeast propagation, fermentation, lagering, beer clarification, beer filling, bottle refermentation),
  • be able to perform basic sensory assessment (recognition of flavours and off-flavours and evaluation of fresh vs. aged beers)

We have to inform you that a 4 week international MSc level course on Malting and brewing technology to be held in August/September 2019 has been cancelled. Please accept our apologies with regards to this unfortunate matter. The next course will probably be organized in 2019 from mid-November till mid-December. If you are still interested please contact Barbara Jaskula-Goiris at again mid-October 2019.


LIBR co-organizes the the international conference Trends in Brewing Conference


LIBR organizes the international symposium Trends in Brewing which takes place in Leuven, Belgium and provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on malting and brewing. The next Trends in Brewing is scheduled for April 2020! Click here for more information!

LIBR organizes the international Belgian Brewing Conference

Belgian Brewing Conference

LIBR organized the last international Belgian Brewing Conference Chair J. De Clerck XV. The next Chair J. De Clerck will be organized by UCL. Check the presentations, videos and photos of the Belgian Brewing Conference 2015 here!